Terms of Service

The site has been created for those that have unfortunately have lost someone special to them and thus
this is a tool to be used to have digital remembrance of the beloved friend/family member.

The site is created to be strangers to support one another to assist through their difficult times and to be
supportive to one another and find the humanity we are born with and empathy for each other through
a difficult time of our lifetime.

To register and partake in the remembrance of our beloved people

  1. Kindly register
  2. Once your profile is created, kindly upload a profile picture with you and the beloved
    member you would like to be remembered
  3. Also kindly create a profile under the “In Loving Memory” (kindly search if there is not
    another family/friend that has created a profile there for the person)
  4. Your wall is for you type your memories and things you might have wanted to be known
    or keep them private to only be seen by yourself and make it as your diary to the person
    you miss.
  5. The profile created in the “In Loving Memory” part is used to invite your friends or
    strangers to speak and discuss the memories you all have shared with your dearly

Kindly adhere to the following

  1. Be kind and courteous towards others regardless of your stand point in a difference of
    opinion (so no defamation of character remarks and cursing towards each other)
  2. Ensure you choose properly if you would like to share personal info on a public capacity,
    we will not be able to stop you to share your details but we are unable to take
    responsibility of your choice to give that information
  3. The platform is for freedom of speech; however, it will still be dependent on what is
    being said to a person.
  4. No nudity, violent, racist remark or imagery will be tolerated and that would be upheld
    on all levels.
  5. What you decide to share is your right to do so in certain aspects however you will not
    be fact checked.
  6. Your contact details will not be shared for marketing, and no ads will be present on the

Be kind to others while they are hurting as some would handle their loss in different ways and
aggression, sadness, emotional situations may arise but we must try to understand each other to
assist one another in these times and if one is handling it differently let us try to accommodate
their grief and not fight or make them feel worse if emotional.
If you are reported more than 5 times from different users your profile will be blocked and will
be looked into and investigated and see what the merits are in the sense of re-activation or
blocked and kicked off from the site.